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28th September 2012
Glyn completes 25% of his lawn cut [###---------] Cut-O-Meter! [LINK]



Welcome :

Welcome to one of the craziest ideas to hit the internet, it may have been tried a million times before in various forms but no one has had the gall to openly ask the world to send them one million dollars, pounds or euros.

The overall idea is just a bit of fun but with the actual target being to raise one million in any worth while currency from either an individual donation, many smaller donations or through online advertising revenue.

This idea may seem crazy, it may seem stupid but it has certainly already sent us on a world wind tour ending up with us being given a free holiday, appearing live on two radio stations aswell as various print and online papers/magazines.

As a donor you get a small message to the world and your name on our website forever. The latest donation goes in our news window on the right and the biggest donation ever gets stuck at the top of this page for as long as it is the biggest donation.

The rest of this story is left to be written, in part, by you...

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